[No Lager Halle]


Antiracist - solidary - active for the rights of refugees

We are meeting every monday from 7 p.m. in VL-Infoladen in the Ludwigstraße 37, 06110 Halle.

We invite everybody who is interested to get to know our group and come to our meeting!
You speak several languages and would like to translate as well? We are always looking for interpreters for french, arabic, farsi, pashto, tigrinya and other languages!

You can contact us also via email: mail@no-lager-halle.org.

You will find an archive with old, but important content on the website no-lager-halle.org.
Recent information you can find on the website antiranetlsa.blogsport.de.

We are supporting refugees and refugee initiatives who fight for their rights since 2002 and we engage ourselves actively against racism, isolation and exclusion.
We want to live in a society where insitututional and all-day racism have no place and where everybody has equal rights – independent of papers, birth place or skin colour!
We demand freedom of movement for everybody! The right to stay for everyone!
We protest against deportation and detention and the concept of so-called "safe countries of origin".
We demand the end of an accomodation in Lager. Access to medical care, to work, education as well as social and political participation should be free for everybody!

We rely on donations as an independend group. With the donations, we can support single cases, organise events, compensate traveling costs for activists and much more.

The bank account for donations is:
Recipient: Verein zur Förderung antirassistischer Arbeit in Sachsen-Anhalt
IBAN: DE76 8005 3762 1894 0553 02
Bank: Saalesparkasse
Purpose: Spende Antira Halle
We cannot issue any receipts for your donation.